ALS-AAUP: Feb. 3, 2014 Letter

AAUP February 3 2014 letter

The Albany Law School chapter of the AAUP is pleased to report that Albany Law School is in good financial condition and is committed to continuing to provide the sound legal education that our students deserve. The faculty is actively engaged in developing curricular innovations, introducing bar passage initiatives, identifying learning competencies, structuring our extensive experiential opportunities, expanding student employment opportunities and leveraging our unique relationship with government as the only law school in the capital of New York State.

Preliminary figures from the LSAC suggest that law school enrollment will drop across the country. Albany Law School is well positioned to address a potential decline without any adverse effect on the quality of the education we offer. Like other law schools, Albany Law School has adjusted its class size in response to fluctuations in applications. With recent reductions in enrollment has come a proportionate reduction in teaching staff. Although our Board of Trustees had planned for faculty layoffs, we are hopeful that given projected faculty attrition proportionate to potential reductions in enrollment, the Board will conclude as we have that the law school is moving in the right direction and that layoffs are unwarranted.

As faculty members, we have always focused on teaching and providing an intimate and nurturing educational environment. We take pride in our intensive and meaningful connection with students, graduates and colleagues. These characteristics place Albany Law in a good position to weather the storm facing all law schools.


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